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Rod Sims - What's happening at YHS
Weekly Round-up - 15/11/2019

Welcome to the Languages Department at York High School!

Subject  Leader:   Mr Winston

The Languages Department is committed to promoting life-long learning of foreign languages, talented linguists, a thirst for travel and exploration, an interest in word etymology and derivations and an insight into other cultures and their traditions.


We encourage pupils to have a keen interest in the countries and their people so that they have the ability to communicate with other nationalities in their language. The team encourages pupils to develop a variety of ways to communicate by listening, speaking, reading and writing.


We motivate young people through a well-developed programme of lesson activities and themed work which cover interesting topic areas from leisure, holidays, hobbies, families, school and work life to identity culture and traditions.


At KS4, all pupils have 5 hours of Languages over a two week period. The programme develops skills from KS3 and gives pupils the opportunity to write and speak with increased detail, confidence and creativity. Pupils will be challenged to work out longer, more complex pieces of reading and listening extracts that cover both factual and imaginary settings.