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Weekly Round-up - 13/10/2017

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  • Weekly Round-up 13/10/17

    Published 13/10/17


    We are now six weeks into term and still two more to go till half term.

    It was a sad start to the week as one of the unsung stars of YHS, Anne Stephenson, left after 17 years of service to Oakland's and YHS.

    We are lucky to have a fantastic team of support staff who make an invaluable contribution to the school, and will miss Anne. We wish her well in the future.


    Congratulations to the 30 Year 7 who are at York races today on a reward visit.

    Good luck to anyone else at the races today.


    Some more fantastic tales from the open mornings.  Thanks to the mum who brought in a bunch of flowers for her guide on open evening, what a lovely gesture.

    For me there was a wonderful moment, when after showing one year 6 round and calling him Joseph I was pleased as punch when he looked at me weighed me up and said Mr Sims you can call me Joe!


    I mentioned last week attendance and punctuality and to improve both we are changing the priority order for dinners next week, now those with 100% punctuality and attendance this week will go into dinners first next week.


    Thanks to everyone for your continued support, and students - let's keep working hard.


    Have a smashing weekend

    Rod Sims, YHS


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  • Weekly Round-up 06/10/17

    Published 06/10/17


    I have loved this week.  The open evening on Wednesday is such a great evening  for the school.  The students that give their time to be guides, to be interviewed on stage or to help in the different areas are the best adverts for the school.  They show the qualities that represent York High school students, honest, forthright and charming.  The staff were magnificent on Wednesday night as well.  I think that our open evening is the best in York as we are not putting on a show, we are honest and caring throughout the year not just for one night.

    On a more worrying note Mrs Mackay has given me some attendance and punctuality figures that need to be addressed.  Only 57% of York High School pupils still have 100% attendance after the first four weeks or 319 students have had at least one day off already.  Let us make sure that illness is genuine not just tiredness.

    Please can you support us over lates as well 38% of the school 285 pupils have been late at least once this year.  Please can you make sure that your children are up and out on a morning.  Next week will be a focus week and anyone late will receive a lunchtime detention.

    On a more positive note, here is a photo of Mr Walkers Hot Chocolate Friday students who have all worked hard to earn the hot chocolate!

    Good luck to Mr Walker as he runs the York Marathon this weekend if you see him cheer him on.

    In order to help develop our staff we are filming some lessons.  The best training is often observing yourself.  The film will only be used by the teachers and we are not filming the students directly.  I certainly realised that I had enjoyed summer too much when I saw myself!

    I mentioned the Breck foundation last week and I am delighted to say that the non-uniform day raised £625.

    Finally, if any of you are going to Old Trafford I hope to see you there, All Leeds aren’t  we!

    Have a great weekend

    Rod Sims, YHS

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  • Weekly Round-Up - 29/09/17

    Published 29/09/17


    I would like to start by thanking the 50 Year 11 parents who came to the GCSE expectations evening on Wednesday night I hope that you all found it informative and interesting.  Our aim is that you will be in a better position to support our students in such an important year.  If you were unable to make the meeting on Wednesday please look on the website or on facebook at the presentation especially to understand the new grades.

    For all Year 9 parents I would urge you to talk to your children about the presentation given to them on Wednesday morning about the dangers of online gaming with strangers.  Staff who have seen the presentation praised Breck’s mother Lorin for her strength in retelling the tragic story of her son Breck.

    I have included a quick guide to the new leadership team at York High School so that the school community is aware of who is who and what they do.

    Have a great weekend,

    Rod Sims, YHS


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  • Weekly Round-up - 22/09/17

    Published 22/09/17


    Hope you are all having a good Friday,  It feels at the end of this week that we are well and truly back in the routine of school.  I am sure in that homes all across the West of York you are sharing the same feeling!

    I have had the privilege to observe more lessons than ever before and there are some fabulous things happening in the classrooms.  My favourite this week was a year 7 science lesson to look at onion cells through a microscope, not that exciting you may think but the way it was delivered by Mr Longbottom (new assistant subject leader for science) made me disappointed that there was not a microscope for me!


    We held a non-uniform day in the summer to support Team Rough who were running in the Great North Run to raise money for a charity called Compassion.  The charity sponsors children in poverty to achieve a better life.

    I am sure we are all aware that Team Rough have had a very difficult year however, they have raised over £5000 which will sponsor two Ugandan children at £25 per month for the next ten years. The YHS community can be very proud of the part it played in raising £552 for the cause.

    The picture below shows Jack and Mollie our Head Boy and Girl handing over the cheque to members of Team Rough.  In the future, we need one of the big cheques!