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Headlines – July 2017

The day has finally arrived to write my final newsletter as the Headteacher of York High School and I want to begin by thanking all of the other colleagues who like me will be leaving York High School this summer. In particular I would like to mention Mrs. Lane (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs. Eaves, Mrs. Stirk and Mrs. Waite (Teaching Assistants) all of whom have been involved with York High and our predecessor schools at Oaklands and Lowfield over a very long period of time. These four colleagues will, like me, be retiring this summer and on behalf of everyone, staff and pupils, I would like to thank all of them for their contribution to our community.

These final few weeks at York High have reminded me why I have enjoyed my time here so much since 2005. We again had a wonderful Prize Giving Evening when Elly Fiorentini from radio York was our special guest. This year’s Prom was a great evening with a group of young people who have been a pleasure to work with over the last five years and the evening was a real tribute to the team spirit within Year 11 this year.

We have hosted our new Year 7 for the day and met with all of their parents and carers and I am delighted that this will be the largest Year 7 group that York High has ever had which gives everyone a real cause for optimism moving forward. Year 10 students have just completed their trial examinations and the GCSE Geography group have been out collecting their fieldwork data.

In addition a group of 40 Year 9 students went to Barcelona and were a credit to our school. Several of our pupils performed on the stage in Stratford as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company Schools Festival and four of Year 10 students with the potential to go to Cambridge University visited Mansfield College in Cambridge to find out more about university entrance.

All of these activities and events reflect the ethos of what I have always wanted York High School to be about. My aim has always been not just to support young people in gaining academic qualifications but also to challenge themselves, to develop the other range of skills that are so vital to future success.

I know that all of my colleagues and the young people at York High are looking forward to a summer break but for me this year will be different. I could not have enjoyed my time as a Headteacher more than I have over the last twelve years. It has been a privilege to work with all of the young people and to be part of this community. I am proud of York High and everything that our young people and my colleagues have achieved. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity and I would like to end by thanking everyone associated with York High for their support, laughter and encouragement through all of the highs and lows that come with being a Headteacher.

I would like to wish everyone every best wish for the future and I hope I will continue to hear about all of your future successes.

David Ellis

July 2017


Finally, a message from Mr. Sims.

The start of the autumn term for pupils is Tuesday 5th September. The new Year 7 pupils should arrive for the start of school at 8.40am and Years 8 – 11should begin to arrive from 11am for their first lesson at the end of morning break at 11.20.