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Year 7

ISSP Breakthrough

ISSP 7-8

Race to School trip to Racecourse

STEM Trip to National Railway Museum

BAE Systems Roadshow

Year 8

ISSP 7-8 events

STEM Trip to National Railway Museum

BAE Systems Roadshow

Year 9

Aspire lite: Students are split into groups and spend the day in a carousel of activities. These range from team building, learning about the DofE programme, finding out what colleges can offer, and playing games with staff from the Job Centre and the Apprenticeship hub, focusing on skills for the workplace.

Options Assemblies: For both students and parents.

Green Apples; various activities throughout the year to increase HE participation.

ISSP opportunities in GCSE Latin.

Kingswood residential; building confidence and teamwork, as well as the resilience for the world of exams and work.

Stockmarket challenge from NYBEP to promote decision making and timekeeping.

Marginal Gains

Year 10

Aspire week: Year 10 students are given the opportunity to take part in our Aspire week. Over the course of the week they encounter over 50 different employers, in a range of sectors from hospitality, to construction, the armed forces, to high education establishments. The week provides multiple opportunities for off site visits, and team and confidence building opportunities. Aspire week provides the opportunity to gain knowledge of what employers expect, allowing students to gain skills in independence, initiative, timekeeping, team work, self-awareness and reliability.

ISSP opportunities in GCSE Latin and Astronomy.

Project Dare

Green Apples

Expectation Evening


Year 11

Citizenship: Students learn how to deal with the difficulty of budgeting, finance, dealing with debt and living expenses.

They will have support in creating a personal statement for college.

Students will also consider future pathways through the ‘start’ programme.

Weekly emails are sent to all student which detail vacancies and apprenticeships in York and Leeds.

Year 11 are offered a 1-1 session to assst them in filling in their college/apprenticeship application from.

Green Apples

Expectation Evening

Big Assembly



They can also request a meeting with Ms Gagg, our learning advisor.