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Welcome to the Health & Social Care Department at York High School!
Subject Leader:  Mrs Nicholas
At YHS pupils study BTEC TECH award in Health and Social Care, this is a level 1 / 2 course, graded at pass, merit or distinction.
The course is split into 3 units.
In component one pupils study development of individuals across life stages, the factors and life events that might effect them and how they deal with it. They produce 2 pieces of written work, based on given criteria, forming 30% of their grade.
In component 2 pupils study the needs of individuals, the health care services that can provide these needs and the barriers they may face. They also study the care values that must be applied at all times. Pupils produce a case study about 2 chosen individuals and a role play with a report, forming 30% of their grade.
In component 3 pupils study the health and wellbeing of individuals and use data to assess the lifestyles of individuals. Pupils sit an external exam in February and May, to create a support plan for a given scenario. This forms 40% of their grade.
This course is a good foundation for those wanting to go on to study childcare or health and social care at college.