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ISSP have created a website for you to showcase your work. Please upload any poems, art work or pieces which you are proud of here:

Calendar of Events 2019-2020:

25 September             Maths Excellence Club Launch    

26 September             Get to know you Brathay

9 October                     Maths Excellence Club

30-1 November           Brathay

6 November                Breakthrough                                   Y7               Letter here                 

18 November               Human Rights Workshop

21 November               Human Rights Workshop

27 November              Maths Excellence Club

28 November              Lecture                                             Y7-8            Letter here

12 February                  Maths Excellence Club

11 March                       Maths Excellence Club

22 April                         Maths Excellence Club

15 June                         Oxford University Day Trip            Y10               Oxford University

20 July                          Summer School