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Rod Sims - What's happening at YHS
Weekly Round-up - 18/1/2019

Welcome to the Religious Studies Department at York High School!

Subject Leader:   Miss Jabbar

The Religious Studies Department is committed to promoting respect, tolerance and a sense of value and equality in the young people of York High School.


We motivate young people through a well-developed programme at KS3 that covers all 6 major religions within the UK with a focus on Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. We believe in providing our pupils with the opportunities to access direct experience with the diverse communities and cultures within the UK. To this end, we run annual visits for years 7, 8 and 9  - destinations include local Churches, the Holocaust Memorial Education Centre in Nottingham, mosques, mandirs and gurdwaras in Bradford and Madhyamaka Buddhist Centre in Pocklington. The department follows the York Agreed Syllabus.


At KS4, all pupils have the opportunity to select GCSE Religious Studies. The popularity of the subject at CGSE has increased over recent years and the achievements of pupils has been excellent. We follow a syllabus that takes an issues and ethics based approach and includes topics such a Matters of Life and Death, Peace and Conflict, Crime and Punishment and Environmental and Medical Issues. The department currently runs a KS4 visit to London. The GCSE focuses Christianity and Islam.


Religious Studies sits as part of the Foundation Team at York High School and contributes to the ethos of improving learning, raising aspirations and inspiring pupils to be an active member of the diverse society in which we live.