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Welcome to the Technology Department at York High School!

Subject  Leader:  Miss Astbury

Assistant Subject Leader: 

In our high-achieving Department, we aim to develop a range of traditional and modern skills, combining creativity with the ability to think and develop realistic designs into quality products.

In Design and Technology we combine Hand craft workshops skills complemented by the use of modern and sophisticated computer controlled equipment, as used in industry. Mass production has become a fact of life and it is important we inform and enable pupils to work using modern industrial techniques.

A whole range of skills and techniques are encouraged in Art, from simple drawing and sketching to exploring inspirational artists, and 3D pieces.

The Food skills developed include all the familiar traditional methods of cooking and manufacture with a clear focus on health, hygiene and safety.

Through a wide range of courses and schemes of work, we aim to nurture pupil creativity, thinking skills and the ability to work independently. We believe in providing our pupils with the practical skills that enable them to transform their ideas into reality, so that it may help prepare them for life in the modern world and equip them with the attributes highly regarded by employers.

Curriculum Information 2018/2019:


Design Technology KS3 & KS4

Food and Nutrition