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Foundation Learning Team

The Foundation learning team of teachers are a diverse collection of highly committed and talented individuals whose aim it is to provide excellent teaching and learning for their pupils.

The Foundation team vision is to be exceptional in everything it does and broaden the horizions of all its pupils. Foundation subjects are at the forefront of an ever changing world and have a huge responsibility in preparing young people for life after school. Therefore analysis, understanding, communication and tolerance are at the heart of our curriculum. Improving pupils learning within Foundation will always be at the top of the agenda yet raising aspirations comes a close second. Implementing a thorough programme of study and increasingly varied teaching styles combined with hard work and a positive outlook will continue to improve pupils outcomes. Regular out of hours learning opportunities are available as well as numerous educational visits both home and abroad.

All pupils are taught History, Geography, Foreign Languages, Religious Studies and Personal Development in KS3. GCSE's are offered in History, Geography, Foreign Languages, Religious Studies as optional subjects and all pupils will follow the Community & Life programme throughout KS4.

The Foundation team is housed in a suite of 12 teaching areas bespoke to their subject and provides pupils with excellent facilities and a vast range of resources including film, books, music, artefacts and software to ensure they all reach their full potential.

Learning Leader - Mr S Hardy