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YHS & Accelerated Reader


We are pleased to introduce the use of Accelerated Reader as an addition to our range of products and teaching strategies.

Accelerated Reader is intended to help children at school manage their reading, to provide teachers with assessment of the reading ability of a class, and to encourage reading.

  • Assessment of a student's reading level through the STAR test
  • Assessing comprehension using a computer-based quiz 


Students are encourage to read regularly, and take the book quizzes

Every book read earns them 'Words' and every quiz taken can earn them 'Points'

At the end of each term students will be eligible to receive certificates and prizes based on their achievements,


Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes are available on over 30,000 books, with over 4000 of those titles available to read within the school library.

So let's get reading and quizzing!


For details on how students can quiz from home please see the tab on the right