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Good attendance at York High School benefits local charities

Good attendance at York High School benefits local charities

During the 2014-15 school year, to encourage good attendance York High School decided to donate one penny for every full day each pupil attended school. The pupils were invited to nominate charities they wished to support and this was followed by a vote of the whole school.

In the last school year the pupil chose to support the RSPCA and York Against Cancer.  Angela Hunter from the RSPCA and Julie Russell from York Against Cancer came in to school to collect the end of year donations from Headteacher, David Ellis, and pupils from York High.

Angela Hunter said “It was a lovely surprise to find that that York High had decided to support us this year and to receive their contribution at this time of year makes us especially grateful. We look after over 200 animals at the animal home in York and a donation of £1 helps us to feed a dog for four days so this contribution will make a big difference. We are really grateful for the support of the young people.”

Julie Russell said “York Against Cancer is currently working on a new project with York Hospital to develop a mobile chemotherapy unit which will allow us to take the treatment to the patients and this donation will help us towards our target to achieve this new approach to supporting people with cancer in York and North Yorkshire. It is wonderful that young people have chosen to help us, I can’t thank them enough.”

David Ellis, Headteacher at York said “We are very proud to be a school which is part of the York community and activities like this show that, contrary to what some might say, young people really care about others and if by improving their attendance at school we can help such worthy causes then that is a win for everyone involved.”