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New Style Reports to Parents

Message from Mr Ellis regarding the new style school reports

All parents should now have received a copy of their child’s first report of the year and you will have noticed that is a very different format from the one that we have used previously. We really appreciate your feedback and we would be very happy for any other comments you wish to make. Ensuring that parents and carers understand how well their child is progressing in school is very important and we hope that this new report is more helpful in that regard.

Unfortunately we have become aware that there has been a problem which has affected the Year 11 reports. This only affects the English language and English Literature information but because of this we will be reissuing a corrected Year 11 report for all students next week. We are obviously sorry for this problem and hope it hasn’t caused too many concerns. If there are further questions after you have received the updated report please do get in touch.

Following on from some of the questions that have already been raised from the reports we thought it might be helpful  to answer some of the common queries.

1. Are the targets for now or the end of the year?

In Y7-9 the targets are for the end of the academic year and in KS4 it is for the end of Y11.

2. Why does my hard-working son/daughter have red boxes on their report?

All subjects outside of English and Maths have their targets set based on the average of their KS2 English and Maths results. This is how the Government measure progress and therefore this is how we must measure progress at York High School.  However, it is also important that we explain that there will be some students who excel in English and Maths and so have a high average, but may not be at that same standard in some of their other subjects as they are using a different skillset.  That said, we will work towards ensuring that your son/daughter achieves in line with their KS2 average across all of their subjects.

3. Should I be concerned about the report?

If your son/daughter has reds in section 1 and then has an attitude to learning which is inconsistent or must improve then there are issues surrounding your son/daughter’s progress in this subject and this should be explained in the barriers to learning section. However, if your son/daughter has a red in section 1 but has a good or better attitude to learning then they are working hard and showing a positive desire to make progress.

Finally, we are here to help your child make the best progress they can and we are very happy to respond to any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to contact us.