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Acomb Secondary Modern School – the class of 72

It was a great pleasure for us to be able to host a group of former pupils and teachers who were part of Acomb Secondary Modern School in 1972. The site and buildings which are now York High School were originally built in 1952 as Acomb Secondary Modern School when the estate around Cornlands Road was built after the Second World War. The building and site have changed a great deal since those days although our visitors said the main hall hasn’t changed at all!

The reunion was organised by a former pupil Derek Sutcliffe and was attended by about 20 former pupils and three teachers Eric Walkington (who taught geography and PE between 1959 and 1969), Jean Todd (who taught French, German, English and Music between 1966 and 1972) and had travelled up all the way from Sussex and Julia Walker who taught a range of subjects between 1960 and 1991 when she retired from what was by the Oaklands School end her career as Deputy Head.

Everyone was impressed by the new building, especially the atrium and but it was equally fascinating to hear about the original ‘U’ shaped building, school garden and playing fields. One thing everyone commented on was how hot the old building used to get in the summer so not much has changed!

We hope to be able to get some old photos from those early days of what is now our school and if anyone has any stories or photos to share we would love to hear from you and if any other groups of former pupils would like to organise a reunion visit please let us know.