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February 2019

  • Mo Mo - Important

    Published 22/02/19

    Dear Parents and Carers, 
    Please be aware of an internet challenge that children are seeing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp and also on the game Minecraft. 
    The challenge is called Momo. It involves the appearance of a horror character on the screen. This character asks them to accept the challenge and says it will come and 'get them' during the night if they refuse. If they do accept the challenge it encourages self harm and eventually suicide. 
    This is something that all parents should be alert to. 
    J. Louth
    Assistant Headteacher - Care and Guidance

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  • Year 11 Leavers Hoodies

    Published 15/02/19
    Hoodies will be available to buy as of Monday morning and will be available until the 15th March. Each hoodie will include the YHS logo embroidered on, a large 19 with every students name in and 'Leavers' on the back. Hoodies will cost £15 and will be delivered to school before the Easter holidays. There will be an option to add a nickname for an extra £2 and there will be a range of colours and sizes available.
    On Monday after school, students can have the opportunity to try before you buy. There will be a range of hoodies available to try on for sizing. From Monday, you can place an order at school or order via school shop.
    Any questions, please call school or email
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