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March 2022

  • London March 2022

    Published 18/03/22

    London March 2022

    The 6.30am start did not diminish the enthusiasm and excitement of the Year 9s. Parents seemed   more apprehensive, unlike the students who could not wait to get started on the journey to London.

    After a few hours, and an interesting assortment of breakfasts, ranging from After Eight’s to Barb-que Doritos, we stopped at the services. Instructions were given to the eager 43 students as they headed off into the services with their money burning a hole in their pockets. Back on the coach the full array of purchases was interesting, everything from sunglasses (we loved the optimism) to a large, glow in the dark blanket. Every eventuality covered there!

    Neil our driver was a regular travel guide, pointing out significant landmarks especially when we hit the centre of London. We even had a quick glimpse of Buck House. For significant number of students this was their first trip to our capital City, no photo opportunities were missed.

    We arrived at the Imperial War Museum in bright sunshine and a surprising 21 degrees, glad of the sunnies! The museum offered lots of great opportunities in reinforcing the learning in the classroom.  Work books in hand, working collaboratively and supporting each other was a joy to observe. For Logan he got the surprise of his life, when his Granddad made a surprise appearance. Back on the coach again and a little more sightseeing, we were not disappointed, sun shining and the scaffolding   around Big Ben had been specially removed to reveal the world-famous clock face in all its refurbished glory. London traffic resulted in a later than expected arrival at the Youth Hostel. After a very quick turn around staff were really impressed all 43 were down in reception, freshen up and eager to move again. Forget Big Ben the biggest oooo’s and ahhhhhs were reserved for the massive Oxford Street Primark, no time for shopping Pizza Hut was waiting. A non-stop supply of pizza, pop and yes, salad, was gratefully devoured 

    A group walk on the busy London streets was challenging but again was evidence of our student’s ability to cope in a different environment and we all arrived safety at the Lyceum Theatre. Mr Hardy was totally in control, tickets/ice cream requests at the ready, we were directed to our own personal entry and headed up the 4 flights of steps, no easy after pizza and pop

    Despite the amazing view of the stage suffice to say even those with no fear of heights took a sharp intake of breath. Especially Mr hardy who needed all the support offered by Charlie to take his seat and prepared for the world class production of The Lion King. The two and half hours flew by and Fletcher summed up the experience in just one word” spectacular” A memory that I am sure will be long lasting for many of our students

    Back to our accommodation and 11:30 all mobiles collected I would be great to say all asleep by 12:00 but then again, this the first residential for some and sleep was not the priority... enough said

    The following morning all down on time for breakfast albeit a little bleary eyed!

    Friday was a busy day but worthy of note was the respectful attitude, engagement, superb contributions and knowledgeable answers during our visit to the Jewish Museum. I know I speak for all staff when I say we were immensely proud of every student. 

    On to the London Eye, a lot more daunting to see in real life and it wonderful to see and hear students supporting those in overcoming the challenges and helping everyone to have an awesome experience looking at the view over London and pointing out landmarks, although Mr Hardy comment regarding York Minister on the horizon received a quick “Behave” from Alex!

    A whistle stops at the Science museum then back on the coach, heading to good old Yorkshire A big thank you to Miss Bettney for the superb organisation that ensured our trip ran smoothly. Mr Hardy for his excellent lead, Mrs Young, Ms Bissett and Mr Morris but most of all 43 students who were a credit to YHS 



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