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I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a first week back to school more than this week.

There was an incident on Thursday afternoon that summarised why York High School is a great place to work in a great community.  An old lady fell outside the school after most of the students had left.  Mrs Kitchen and Mrs Mackay went immediately to help her up.  Two cars immediately stopped and the drivers jumped out to help, 7 students also stopped to see if they could help.  Kids often get a bad press but the genuine concern by the YHS students was very moving. 


On Tuesday we delivered assemblies to all year groups about our expectations for the year and all of the school listened in a respectful silence.  It will not surprise anyone that the message delivered was that hard work leads to success.  I have included two of the slides from the presentation, showing the characteristics that I expect from YHS students and the average referrals, attendance and lates of the 25 most successful students in Year 11 last year and the same figures for the 25 who failed to fulfil their potential.  The most successful are not those with the highest grades but those who have made the most progress from Year 7.

It is great to be back and we are determined as a school to improve.  Have a great weekend.

Rod Sims, YHS



Tuesday 12th September

  • Years 7 – 10 will be having their photographs taken in case you wonder why your kids are taking a lot longer to get ready for school!

Friday 15th September

  • Year 7 will be taking part in a special day with lots of activities to build team spirit.