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Year 11 visited York College on Tuesday. For the majority of students this was a very successful day and a glimpse into their future.

Throughout the week we have also had students from the University of York delivering individual tutoring sessions to 20 of our year 11 students, watching the focused way that both sets of students worked with each other was fabulous.

It was good to see so many parents at the Year 9 parents evening on Tuesday. I hope that you have all decided on your options now.

It is worrying me the way that some of our students are travelling to and from school. I received a phone call from a member of the public yesterday who had to stop 5 times on Gale Lane because of reckless behaviour. This involved students riding bikes on the wrong side of the road, pushing each other into the road and some running across the road in front of cars. I am appalled and embarrassed by this behaviour. I will be speaking to all students about safety when travelling to and from school in assemblies next week but can I urge everyone who reads the update to impress upon the students who attend YHS the need for safety around traffic. We can only observe the behaviour at the school gate on Cornlands Road. When on gate duty if we see anyone riding bikes recklessly then they will receive a warning and then a ban.

Please be safe

Have a lovely weekend

Rod Sims