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I was observing Science interview lessons for teachers to start next September today and the teacher had asked the students to share a remarkable fact about themselves. The responses made me stop and think about the amazing breadth of interests and experiences our students have.

The responses included:

  • I am a junior UK Karate Champion
  • I can tap dance to grade 4
  • I love to draw especially in the style o...f Japanese Anime
  • I love football and I am from Poland

The two answers below also highlighted the lack of confidence and pride that some of our students have.

  • There is nothing remarkable about me
  • I am not sure.

We are all remarkable in our own way and should believe in ourselves. We should never underestimate the power of kind words in boosting confidence.

Well done to the Year 10 and Year 11 students who attended Poetry Live on Thursday with Miss Crossley. The students did the school proud with their behaviour.

Well done to the students who took part in the Junior Maths Challenge this week.

It is good to see how many people were appreciative about our warning about the anonymous app sarahah. It so important that we keep our children safe on social media

Have a good one

Rod Sims

Next week:

Training Day on Friday where we are focusing on improving questioning skills as well as behaviour management.
Year 8 are setting off to Disney on Thursday.

Good luck to the Year 11 students who are attending the outward bound revision weekend with Mrs Evans, Mr Kiernan and Mr Byrne.

Looking forward to a weekend of Rugby with the 6 nations following on from Rhinos starting the season with a win at Warrington.