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It has been a great week to be at York High School. 

On Monday we were visited by Hannah an aspiring singer who spoke to both Year 9 and Year 10 about overcoming challenges to pursue their aspirations. 

No disrespect to our school governors but I was bitterly disappointed on Wednesday to miss the YHS Fest due to a governors meeting.  This was a brilliant and original way of showcasing the performing arts talent that we have in the school. Special thanks to the students involved and to Mrs Cross, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Sherlock for organizing the evening. 

Today we have had over 20 students shadowing staff to find out what it is that the do in school in order to earn credits for their Pixl Edge award.


I am going to pass over the next part of this weeks bulletin to Mary Simpson who is coordinating Them and Us which is an exciting new project

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Them and Us is an exciting whole school project which is new to YHS this term. Students are taught in assemblies and lessons throughout each week how to grow,” a Mind to be Kind” and how to offer out kindness to others who do not share the same beliefs or outlooks; their, “Them Group”.

The students are quickly accepting this drive and we are starting already to feel the kindness across school.  One form, for example, passed out pegs with compliments on so that the receiver could receive the kindness and pass it on. Another form have a 30 day kindness challenge and another a kindness box. Students are encouraged to remember small acts of kindness such as saying thank you when collecting their lunch or holding doors open. School is already starting to feel a kinder place. In PE some students have learned what it feels like to be left out of a game and have already changed their practice.  In English students are reading texts around kindness and in creative subjects teachers are using the Them and Us ideas to support their work on peer feedback. The list goes on and we will keep you updated.

Watch out for the  red wrist bands, which are awarded to students who we have caught doing an act of kindness to someone other than those in their own friendship group or ask your son / daughter what they are planning on doing today to show they, “ Have a mind to be kind. “

Mary Simpson SENDCO

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As well as all of the above we also have the final push with Year 11. 

Thanks to the students and staff who attended the Pixl English and Maths “Strive for Five” conferences this week.

As you can imagine it is a very anxious time for staff and students, Mrs Evans delivered a great assembly this morning which consisted of members of staff giving messages of encouragement to the Year 11 students.  The students then wrote reward postcards to the staff that had encouraged them.


Have a really good weekend

Rod Sims



Year 11

  • First GCSE exams with the Spanish Speaking next week

Year 10

  • Presentation from the Teenage Cancer Trust on Thursday 3rd May

Year 9

  • Kingswood residential trip from Wednesday 2nd May