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Weekly Update - Friday 6/11/2020

Last year the weekly update was always full of information about trips that the students had been on or events that they had attended. At the moment we are delighted to still be open at the end of the week. Although it seems as though the situation in York is improving, until we see positive effects from the lockdown we are not surprised that we have had 4 more positive tests this week. Most of these cases did not involve contact tracing in school but unfortunately today we have had to ask 28 students in Year 11 to self-isolate for 14 days.

I want to use this example to repeat our message to our students that all we can do during this time is to try our best. In three weeks’ time we are due to have our practice exams for year 11; last year these were the main source of evidence for GCSE’s. The students involved will have their preparation for the exams disrupted but they do have an opportunity to revise thoroughly for the exams while at home. Lots of our students, in particular the Year 11’s and our teachers, are worried about what might happen this year. If at the end of the year we can look at ourselves in the mirror and say 'I tried my best' then we are all winners. That is all we can ask of ourselves and anyone else.

Free School Meals

For students who are isolating and qualify for free school meals they will receive a voucher at the end of the week. City of York have agreed to fund free school meals over the Christmas period.

Have a nice lockdown weekend and see you all next week.

Rod Sims

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