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Weekly Update 18th June 2021

Week 34

Prom Update

We have consulted with public health, the venue, and all current guidance, and it is with regret that it is looking unlikely that Prom will take place this year. But whilst there is hope, we will continue to try everything to make the event happen on the 20th. These are the things that need to happen for prom to take place:

  1. Prime minister announcement on July 12th that we move to the next stage of the road map on 19th July.
  2. Guidance for event venues (Fairfield Manor) changes to allow events of more than 50 indoors which includes dancing.
  3. Schools guidance allows the event to take place.
  4. Local restrictions are not in place.

Our attitude has always been that if we can have a prom safely and legally then we will. I would urge everyone to not spend any money on the event as it might not happen. We live in hope that everything will fall into place and we can hold a prom on the 20th July.  We will let you know as soon as possible after the 12th.

Year 6 Transition

Unfortunately we will not be able to host a Year 6 transition day where all the students from different schools and bubbles would mix together. We are planning on a series of 20 minute taster lessons and personal messages from our staff to the primary schools and to be posted on our website. Because there is no transition day, we will make September 7th (first day back) a year 7 day only, to allow our Year 7 to settle into the school on their own.

Year 6 Summer School

Two of our fantastic English department Miss Bargewell and Miss Taylor are looking to organise a summer school for approximately 30 Year 6 students to help with transition, literacy skills and to have fun. Look out for further information next week.

Flamingo Land

Sadly we will not be able to organise a trip to Flamingo Land this year. The timings of the announcements would not qualify the students and you as parents for refunds if the trip did not go ahead. We usually take 400 students at £30 per student, and we cannot afford the financial risk.

Year 10

Good luck Year 10 with your exams next week.

It’s a really positive time as we move out of COVID restrictions unfortunately just not quick enough for the school year!

All the best,

Rod Sims