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Welcome to the Child Development Department at York High School!

Child Development Subject staff

Mrs J Nicholas:

KS4 Overview

Exam Board: OCR

Cambridge National certificate L1/2 J818

This course is split into 3 units.

RO18 is an external exam, lasting 1.5 hours and is sat in June of year 10, with an optional resit in year 11. This covers health and well-being for Child Development, with topics such as child safety, pregnancy, labour, new-born appearance and childhood illnesses.

RO19 is internally assessed through 4 pieces of coursework. The work covers the nutritional and equipment needs of children aged 0-5 years.

RO20 is also internally assessed, through 3 pieces of coursework. This focusses on the developmental norms and benefits of play, finishing with an extended child study on a child of their choice.

Exam board links

Revision materials

OCR revision guides are available to buy from school £8.99

gojimo – this is a similar course and has some useful content.

kahoot – search Mrs Nicholas or Child Development

Extra reading on development

NHS pregnancy and childhood reading