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York High School Community Curriculum

At York High school we pride ourselves on the honesty and transparency of our communication with parents.  We know that effective relationships between school and home are at the heart of maximising the potential of our students.  In order for all parents to understand how they can support their children and the school in the most effective manner we are launching the community curriculum.

We have designed a Community Curriculum that gives parents an opportunity to come into York High School and learn about a series of topics through presentations, workshops and guest speakers. Through this, we aim to demystify some of the practices within school to enable parents to support the school and their children more effectively.  

We believe that the Community Curriculum is something that is vital at York High School to help us raise standards and improve the life chances of our young people, developing them into well-rounded young adults that are prepared for the world of work. 

We have planned a programme of events as follows:

Wednesday 13th July, 5pm

How can I support my child with their emotional health and well being?

Wednesday 7th September, 5pm

How do I keep my child safe online? 

Wednesday 21st September, 5pm

LGBTQ+ - Why is inclusivity so important at YHS?

Wednesday 5th October, 5pm

What is bullying and how does YHS deal with it?

Wednesday 19th October, 5pm

Why is the Positive Behaviour system so important for your child's success?