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Fitness Testing Personal Bests

Twice a year our students are tested on their fitness to measure progress and also highlight potential strengths and areas requiring improvement. The tests are also fun and ensure a positive attitude towards making personal improvements. The tests we use are as follows:

35 m sprint


60 s press up test

Muscular endurance

60 s Plank test

Core stability/muscular endurance

Standing long jump


Sit and reach test


Multi stage fitness test

Cardiovascular fitness

500m row

Cardiovascular fitness

5 minute treadmill test

Cardiovascular fitness/resilience

The reasons for the testing are numerous. With regard to the physical health of our students, these test results will give us accurate data which can be used to inform any intervention that is to take place with the students (E.g. MEND). The results of these tests can also be used to inform parents of any concerns relating to the physical health of their children. For students, it may serve as a motivating factor in helping them further achieve in sport and health related sessions. It may also provide an opportunity for some students to excel who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to showcase their potential. Tests are carried out initially in September with all year groups and then again in June.

It will be possible to track results of students over time which will also give us as a faculty an indicator of whether or not our students are in fact getting fitter as they progress through school or not.

Finally, the testing supports the specialism of the school and also reflects on some of Olympic ideals in terms of personal excellence and determination and courage.