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Health and Social Care

Welcome to the Health & Social Care Department at York High School!

Health and Social Care subject staff

Mrs J Nicholas:

KS4 Overview

Exam Board: Pearson

BTEC Tech Award L1/2

Component 1. Human lifespan development. This is assessed internally through 2 written assignments.

Assignment 1.Understanding how life affects our growth and development, a written report about the life stages of a chosen celebrity and factors affecting their development.

Assignment 2. Coping with life events, a written information pack, documenting how 2 individuals coped with a life event. 

Component 2. Health and Social Care  services & values.

Assignment 3. Health and social care services, a written report, based on a case study of 2 individuals with differing needs.          

Assignment 4. Care Values, this is a role play with supporting documents, based on a situation in a care home supporting individuals with specific needs.

Component 3 – Health and Well-being

External Exam, 2 hours. Pupils are presented with a case study of an individual and lifestyle data. They interpret the data and form an action plan for the person, to support their needs, wishes and circumstances.

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Revision materials

BTEC revision guides are available to buy from school £5.50 (component 3)

Revision materials can be accessed via Show my homework or L drive within school.

Kahoot - search BTEC tech award HSC

Elderly care - further reading

Dementia - further reading

C3 sources of support