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In 2009 only 32% of our students were eating a school meal from either our                     

canteen or cafe area. That figure has now risen to an average of 38% (Autumn 2011) and will hopefully continue to rise following our pledge to maintain the current price of a school meal at £2.30 for the 2011-2012 school year.

The breakfast club has also enabled more students to access school food this year and will continue to operate from 8:00 onwards in the future. Students who bring a packed lunch to school are encouraged to do so but to ensure that lunch boxes contain the right foods in the right quantities (see our packed lunch guide below for ideas).

The food we serve is delicious and can be sampled at most parent's evenings. At York High School we follow the strict guidance set out by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, this means all our food contains the right amount of vital nutrients needed by the body and not too much of the bad stuff! We encourage parents and carers to top up student food accounts using our internet service. This allows peace of mind as students are unable to buy poor quality and unhealthy snacks on their way to school. To view school lunch menus and price list please click HERE

We will continue to educate our young people through our food education programme, PE curriculum and collapsed timetable days but as always we need your help in ensuring our students make the right choices surrounding the food they eat. We will also continue to seek student opinion on school food and involve our young ambassadors in all the decision making processes surrounding school food and health. Look out for healthy eating workshops on family learning days.

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