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Welcome to the Music Department at York High School!

Music Subject staff

Mrs R Lancaster

KS3 Overview

In Music you will study a wide variety of musical elements and styles. These will then be used to create music in your own style that you select.

You will also study notation and music dictation. Recalling and hearing where notes lay within chord structures which will enhance your ability to listen and compose.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in order to prepare for KS4 Music Technology. A DAW is a system designed to record, edit and mix digital audio.

Key Skills

Musical dictation, notation, composing and recording. You will learn how to use a DAW system. You will have the opportunity to play; keyboard, ukulele, guitar, drums, bass and percussion instruments.

KS3 Topics

Year 7 - Introduction to musical elements, musical notation, composing music, musical collaboration, musical structure and composing melodies.

Year 8 - Musical styles and history - Rock N Roll, Pop music, Reggae + hip hop, Electronic and grime, Cultural Capital, Music of the world and Recording and composing using styles learnt.

Year 9 - Musical structure Chords, Composition, Composition using DAW technology, Listening and responding, Recording using the studio and Live band.

KS4 Overview

KS4 is split into two options

  1. GCSE Music
  2. Music Technology.

In Music playing ability will go up to grade 5. This is a theoretical course studied practically to uncover a wide range of musical styles and topics. You will learn to play as a solo artist and within an ensemble. This information will then link to an exam where you will write your own music, compose you own songs and re arrange notes within a written paper.

You will study many genres of music highlighting facts surrounding the key elements of the genre.

Music Technology – You will work with a DAW in order to create, compose and produce your own piece of music. You will learn how to use a DAW, use a DAW, create a musical project and review this. You will learn key features of musical style and then be given the chance to pick a style and create your own song in this style. Following this you will look at music with different purposes i.e game music and create your own track alongside a video clip.  

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