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For some time we have used email, letters and text messages to keep you informed. We have to pay for text messages and this can add up to a lot of money.

We now have a new smart phone app - School Gateway. The app is completely free, and cuts the costs of text messaging. Great news as the money saved can be better used elsewhere.


How The App Works

Using your smart phone, please download the new School Gateway App. This will save us money on our text messaging and is completely free for you to use. You will receive, and can reply to instant free messages on your phone and all your school app messages will be in one place. To find out more, please visit Parent FAQ’s

Step by Step guide to installing:

  1. Search the app store for 'School Gateway', install the app and open it.
  2. Select i'm a new user, enter your email and mobile number - your PIN number will then be sent to your phone
  3. Enter your pin and login!

Well Done! That’s it - you will now receive messages from us through the App instead of by text. Your phone will buzz/ring just like when a text message arrives.

So you will:

  • Receive instant notification of messages
  • Receive Messages using Wi-Fi even when there is no mobile signal
  • Not be charged for sending replies back to the school
  • Be Able to store and receive messages all in one place

Please don’t worry if your mobile phone doesn’t have an app facility we will continue to send messages via text instead.