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At York High School we understand that academic success is only possible when young people feel valued, supported, happy and cared for.Our Pastoral and Inclusion teams are recognised as outstanding and will always go the extra mile for our pupils. We are proud of our school community being made up of a wide range of pupils with a vast array of needs. We aim to provide the best support we can for our young people whatever their race, gender or ability and we welcome young people with special needs whether that be a learning need or a physical disability. 

Our first step is ensuring a smooth transition from primary school. For that reason we work closely with the primary schools in the West of York Partnership. Colleagues at all levels across the schools share information and good practise and the key staff at York High School already know the pupils well by the time they join us in September. 

The second step is ensuring that we have strong relationships with parents. York High School staff will contact home regularly and parents are always encouraged to discuss any concerns with us. As well as an individual Form Tutor and Year Leader there are other key staff who can offer learning and pastoral support to pupils and their families should the need arise. 

Finally we recognise that adolescence is a time when almost every young person will face some challenges. The relationships in our school are based on respect and understanding. Young people are allowed to make mistakes but we encourage them to learn from these experiences and to face up to the consequences.

To see young people overcome adversity and make a success of their school career is the most rewarding part of the work we do. To view our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy and Disability Equality Scheme Policy in full, please click HERE