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The 5 hour a week pledge:

Students at YHS all undertake 2 hours of PE a week throughout their time at school. The new PE curriculum has been piloted and is now being extended through to all year groups. This new and innovative curriculum allows students to explore specific themes through a wider variety of activities, providing them with a more holistic approach to sport and health.

As part of our continuing commitment to physical health at York High School we believe students should have access to and take part in 5 hours of sport or physical activity. The only way this is truly achievable is to become involved with after school clubs and community sport and active leisure clubs.

How can this be achieved?

There is a comprehensive list of After School Clubs on our school website . We encourage all of our students to be involved in an after school club or activity. A very effective way of making the 5 hour commitment is to access our state of the art fitness suite after school

The fitness suite is open each day from 3:00 – 5:00 to school students who have completed a gym induction with the Energise Sports Centre Team.