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Resilience - Aspiration - Success

For our first round of postcards related to Resilience – Aspiration – Success, staff focused on
students who had demonstrated confidence in their lessons across the first half term. Please take a moment to recognise the achievements of some of our many students demonstrating confidence in their learning.

Success - Confidence

Patrin R in Year 7 has shown consistently high levels of effort and confidence in Geography across his time at York High School so far. Well done Patrin!
Similarly, Olivia P, also in Year 7, has been consistently confident in her willingness to get involved and try across her Science lessons. Her efforts to always offer an answer, even after getting one wrong, is extremely commendable.

It isn’t just our new Year 7s who are demonstrating such confidence, however. Alex S in Year 8 is extremely confident in maths, and actively participates in her lessons. Brooklin S in Year 9 has had an excellent attitude to attempting his work, and has been confident in reading his answers for the rest of the class to hear.
These are just some examples of the many students demonstrating Success traits in York High School; we will be sharing many more students who demonstrate these traits to showcase the fantastic attitude of so many of our students.

Our GCSE students have stepped up to the challenge – either of starting their GCSEs or of preparing for their exams this year – with remarkable confidence. Lily W in Year 10 has been consistently confident in her answers in History this year; her determination to succeed in both her oral and written contributions has been apparent from the start of the year. Jodie F has grown in confidence in Geography this year, with a real determination to include key answers across her work.

And a final congratulations to the confidence of all of our Year 11 students this year, who have shone throughout their Mock Exams recently. Their attitude to the exams, as well as their desire to demonstrate their considerable knowledge, has been phenomenal.
Just before Christmas, we will share some of our most resilient students. Well done to all students who have been confident in their learning so far this year, and keep on being Successful!