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September 2020 information

Information regarding the full opening of school in September 2020 will appear here.

Good Morning

Yesterday was a difficult day especially for the families in Year 8 who have had their lives disrupted by the guidance that we have to follow if there is a confirmed case in school.  Unfortunately watching the national news this will become a regular occurrence as we move through the school year.

We have quite rightly had some questions over the last 24 hours and I hope that I can answer them for you.

Why have you not sent the whole of Year 8 home?

We contacted the DFE helpline and their advice was that as this was a single case the method to protect against the spread of the virus is to ask anyone who is a contact to self-isolate.  If there were multiple confirmed cases then the response could be to self-isolate a whole year group.

How do you identify a contact?

Initially we check seating plans for a two day period for anyone sat within 2 metres of a confirmed case.  We then speak to the family to find out if anyone else meets the definition of a contact.  We would also speak to key pastoral staff to check if there is anything else we need to consider.  We cannot monitor every interaction that occurs in the school.

What work will be set?

If your child has to self-isolate then work will be set on Google classrooms which is a much more interactive platform.  Students have spent their first Maths lesson been shown how to log in and access Google Classrooms.  Going forward we will be giving parental access to Google Classrooms.  This is also the platform that we will be using for homework going forward.

Face Coverings

From Monday face coverings will be compulsory in communal areas inside the building.  After consultation, the first confirmed case in school and the national picture we want to take away the option which is leading to many students coming to school with a mask and not wearing one.

If you do not want your child to wear a mask for medical or ideological reasons then you will need to contact school.  We will be releasing an e mail address later today for this purpose.  If you contact the school with a reason we will issue a pass for the front of the planner that gives an exemption.  The wearing of masks in the classroom will remain optional.

Thank you for your support in these difficult times.

Rod Sims

Head of School


Hello and welcome back to all Parents and Students at York High School

Thank you for all the work that you did while the schools were closed, never before have we all worked together so effectively to help each other through such difficult times. We need to keep that spirit of community and togetherness as we move forward. 

Every member of staff at York High School who I have spoken to as they are preparing for next week, can not wait to welcome back our students. In order to make sure that as parents you are fully informed, I have attached a document here detailing all the procedures that we have in place for next week.  We will explain the arrangements to our students when they return, but it would be helpful if you would discuss the information for parents document with your child before they return.  

Thanks in advance and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask at or at

All the best and see you soon,

Rod Sims