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YHS Transition 2021

Welcome message from Rod Sims - Headteacher

Welcome to all future York High School Pupils.  We want all our pupils to be proud of your school before you arrive when you are here and for many years after you leave.  I know how it feels for many of you as I was a Year 6 pupil at Westfield 42 years ago!  If I have one piece of advice it is to always learn from your mistakes and smile.

Welcome message from Miss Burns - Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion

.My role in school is to ensure that all students with additional needs receive appropriate support.  Additional support could be required as a result of a learning difficulty, physical disability or social, emotional or mental health difficulty.  We have a talented team of Teaching Assistants within school who offer support to children with special educational needs through support in class and additional intervention groups.  We also have access to Specialist Teachers through the Specialist Teaching Team at the City of York, who are skilled in supporting pupils with autism and physical disabilities. 

Even though transition is different this year, the level of support offered when your child begins school will not change.  I am already in communication with SENCos at primary schools, gathering information on what works to help your child.  Parents of children with additional needs will be contacted directly by myself during the first half term and I will also be available at the ‘Meet the Tutor’ evening if you wish to speak to me.

Welcome message from Mr Walker - Senior Pastoral Leader

I have worked at York High School for over 10 years and I am proud to say I work here. I want all our pupils to not only achieve their full potential but to go on and live full and prosperous lives, realising their dreams and aspirations and being successful.

Transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting and daunting time for children, parents and carers. Rest assured that me and my team of fantastic heads of house and tutors will offer support and guidance through the next five years of their education journey. Never hesitate to get in contact with your child's form tutor or head of house for advice or support.

I am so excited and look forward to seeing all your smiley faces in September.

Transition 2022

Thankfully, we have been able to visit every student in their primary school. However, in case we haven't visited you, you should have already received a paper copy of the information pack and the admission forms in the post. If you have not, or you have any queries regarding the information provided, please contact us at:

It is really important that, as well as returning the student admission form to school, your son/daughter also completes the ‘Pupil information Form’. This allows them to tell us a little bit about themselves including things like whether they have any siblings at school, and about their hobbies and things that they enjoy doing. It also allows them to name the five friends that they would like to be included in their tutor group. They must write down the full names of their friends including their surname. If they have friends from other primary schools they must include the name of the school on their form. We will then promise that they will have at least one of these friends in their tutor group with them.

Single students

Each year we have a number of children who come to York High School as the only child from their primary school. If they do not know anyone else who is coming to YHS please let us know on their form so that we can make additional arrangements and ensure that they are able to quickly establish a new friendship group. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we have not been able to arrange an additional visit to the school for all the pupils who are in this position. If you feel your son/daughter needs additional transition, please contact reception with your request. 

House and Form groups

Each student will be assigned to one of our four Houses. These are Ventus, led by Mrs Evans. Ignis, led by Mrs Harrison, Terra, led by Mr Swales and Aqua, led by Mrs Muress. If your son or daughter has a sibling in school, we will try to ensure that they are also placed into the same House as their sister/brother. Each House has its own colour, which is represented by the stripe on the school tie - Ventus (yellow), Ignis (red), Terra (green) and Aqua (blue).

Each student will also be assigned to a form within their House. They will meet with their form tutor every morning for 20 minutes. If they have any problems or difficulties their form tutor will be their main point of contact and help. Your child will meet their new form tutor on ‘meet the tutor evening’ if circumstances allow this to go ahead as planned.  They will each receive a planner in which all the school rules and expectations are laid out. The planner also allows teachers to record positive stamps and negative comments/detentions where necessary.

There is also a small nurture group called ‘Acorns’ and Mrs Stevens our SENCo will work together with the primary schools to identify who might benefit from this additional support. Parents may also be concerned about the lack of Y6 transition data this year. We will work with Y6 teachers and carry out our own tests in September to ensure that we have the correct indication of your child’s ability.

Ventus - Mrs Evans

Aqua - Mrs Muress 

Ignis - Mrs Harrison

Terra - Mr Swales


What can your child expect to be taught? (Curriculum)

In Year 7 students are largely taught in groups that have been ‘set’ based upon their ability in English and Maths. However, in creative subjects such as Performing Arts, PE, Art and Design Technology they are taught in mixed ability groups. They can expect to be taught the following range of subjects:


Number of lessons

Per fortnight













Performing Arts





(Personal Development)




Design Technology








Homework will be set by English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and French at least once every two weeks. All other subjects will set one piece of homework per half term. In year 7 no piece of homework should take any longer than 30 minutes to complete. All homework will be logged on the electronic school platform ‘Google Classroom. Please make sure that your child completes the homework on time, or speaks to their teacher about any problems before the deadline. If homework is not handed in on time they will be given a comment in their planner. Homework support is available in the school library each evening at 3pm.


Key dates

Please note that we are currently preparing for the following to be able to go ahead as planned, however this will be dependent upon any changes to government guidance on the COVID 19 lockdown. If the lockdown measures remain in place we will put contingency plans in place to ensure that your child is able to make a smooth transition to York High School.

Monday 4th / Tuesday 5th July – Year 6 ‘Meet the Tutor’ appointments

Once we have completed all our contact with the primary schools, we will make plans for our Year 6 'meet the tutor' appointments. Closer to the time we will be writing to you about your appointment time, and explaining on which day/evening you should attend. This will depend on your child’s allocated tutor group. During this appointment you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s form tutor.  The aim of the appointment will be to explain in detail how the school works, our expectations and how we plan to work together to ensure your child makes the best of their time at YHS.  This will also be an ideal opportunity for you to ask any questions that we have not answered.
You will receive separate information regarding appointments with the school's uniform supplier to check on sizes etc.

What will my first week at York High School be like?

Your first week will be full of excitement, fun and butterflies in your tummy! We understand the transition to secondary is such a significant moment in your life and we are utterly committed to ensuring it is full of enjoyable work and good fun, and that it maps out the stepping stones for the rest of your secondary school journey.

How will we do this?

Your first day is slightly different to the rest of the week, giving you time to settle in to your surroundings.

Your first activity will be an assembly as a year group with Mr Sims, Miss Burns and Mr Walker. During this assembly we will remind you of the school’s expectations, values and behaviour systems. You can begin your journey with us knowing exactly what is expected of you and be confident about what your day-to-day life in school will look like. You will also meet your Head of House at this time.

Then you will spend the majority of your day with your tutor group and your form tutor. During this time you will:

  • Play games to get to know each other and make new friends
  • Be able to ask as any many questions as you like
  • Go on a tour of the school
  • Go through your planner and learn how to use it

The rest of the week will continue as normal. You will follow your timetable and go to all of your classes. Each lesson you will leave 5 minutes early and will be collected by your form buddies who will take you to your next lesson. At break, you will leave your lesson earlier than the rest of the children in school and be taken to the canteen by your teachers, this is the same at lunch time. At lunch time you will arrive 20 minutes before the rest of the school and have extended break. This will continue for at least the first week by which time you will already know your way around and understand the school’s routines and expectations.

Everyday your form tutors and Heads of House will be available at break and lunch time to chat with you and make sure you are happy and feel safe. You can also speak to any of the teachers or support staff to discuss any problems or concerns you may have.

You will follow your timetabled lessons for the rest of the week, and start to meet all of your teachers. Although it is daunting at first, after a while, most students love the variety of different classrooms and different teachers. It really gives you the opportunity for five fresh starts, five days a week.

We will look forward to seeing you all soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phoning or emailing the main reception if you have any questions: