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Welcome to the Performing Arts Department at York High School!

Drama Subject staff

Mr Fisher and Mr Fairie

KS3 Overview

In Drama you will study a wide range of genres and styles of performance. You will have the opportunity to explore the work of different playwrights and a range of texts which have been produced over time. Additionally, you will learn about controversial issues that spark debate and differences in opinions. You will also experience content that will develop life skills such as; communication skills, confidence, teamwork and decision making.  You will learn key performance skills that will help you in a variety of situations, for example interviews and presentations. Additionally, all units in KS3 link to the two practical components at GCSE level.

Key Skills

In Drama you will learn stage discipline; how to create a character and different ways of showing how your character feels through your vocal and physical expression. You will then be able to apply these skills to everyday life in the future.

KS3 Topics

Year 7 - World War Two, Pantomime, Gothic Stories, Our Day Out by Willy Russell, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare and a stimuli performance.

Year 8 – Missing Dan Nolan by Mark Wheeler, Darkwood Manor, Stealing, Hillsborough, Richard III by William Shakespeare and a stimuli performance.

Year 9 – Joy Riding, Stealing, Patty Hearst, Two by Jim Cartwright, Macbeth by William Shakespeare and a stimuli performance.

KS4 Overview

At KS4 Drama students will begin their GCSE course. The course is divided into three different units. Component 1 is the written exam. For the written exam you will study a set text chosen from one of the six texts selected by the exam board. You will learn to analyse the play including the characters. Additionally, you will review a piece of live theatre.  Component 2 is a practical element based on your own creation in Drama. You will be given a stimuli and you will apply your Drama skills in order to create a performance. Component 3 is another practical element, however this is based on a script. You will perform a script to a visiting examiner. The majority of Year 10 will be used to prepare for these three components and for you to experiment with performance to find your strengths and develop your weaknesses.

Exam board links

Revision materials

Scripts that students take home with them to learn lines.

Blood Brothers book and revision book. Handed to KS4 students when necessary.