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Welcome to the Computing Department at York High School!

Subject  Leader:  Mr A Metcalfe

In years 7 and 8, the pupils have one hour of Computing per fortnight, in year 9 they get two hours per fortnight. They follow a planned scheme of work building on prior knowledge and understanding and learning skills that will support them should they choose to do Computing later on in the school or use it in other curriculum areas.  There are currently two Computing courses available for KS4 GCSE, these are Computer Science and Creative I-Media. Computer Science can be chosen with double science to make triple science as this course counts as a science course. 

We have five well equipped Computing rooms in school. There are three members of staff who teach Computing. There are also two other Computing rooms and many more computers around the school. The school computer network has a range of software that the pupils can use to create various products. 

The computing department uses as an online resource, tracking and submission system for all year groups. Parents can see how their child is progressing. Pupils get feedback and can track their progress.