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Transition – Key staff

Key staff

Rod Sims


Welcome to all future York High School pupils. We want all our pupils to be proud of your school before you arrive, when you are here and for many years after you leave. I know how it feels for many of you as I was a Year 6 pupil at Westfield 42 years ago! If I have one piece of advice it is to always learn from your mistakes and smile.

Miss Burns

Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion

My role in school is to ensure that all students with additional needs receive appropriate support. Additional support could be required as a result of a learning difficulty, physical disability or social, emotional or mental health difficulty. We have a talented team of Teaching Assistants within school who offer support to children with special educational needs through support in class and additional intervention groups. We also have access to Specialist Teachers through the Specialist Teaching Team at the City of York, who are skilled in supporting pupils with autism and physical disabilities.

Even though transition is different this year, the level of support offered when your child begins school will not change. I am already in communication with SENCos at primary schools, gathering information on what works to help your child. Parents of children with additional needs will be contacted directly by myself during the first half term and I will also be available at the ‘Meet the Tutor’ evening if you wish to speak to me.

Mr Walker

Senior Pastoral Leader

I have worked at York High School for over 10 years and I am proud to say I work here. I want all our pupils to not only achieve their full potential but to go on and live full and prosperous lives, realising their dreams and aspirations and being successful.

Transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting and daunting time for children, parents and carers. Rest assured that me and my team of fantastic heads of house and tutors will offer support and guidance through the next five years of their education journey. Never hesitate to get in contact with your child’s form tutor or head of house for advice or support.

I am so excited and look forward to seeing all your smiley faces in September.

Mr Hunt

Head of Year 7

Hello, my name is Mr Hunt and I am Head of Year 7 here at York High!

I joined York High in March, but have worked in education since 2014 and I am excited to be bringing my experience to this role while setting off on this wonderful journey that is high school with our new Year 7 cohort!

 My role is to support all of the students pastorally, this includes: supporting Year 7 with any additional needs they may have through collaborating with the SEN department, being a visible presence for them in school (so if they have any worries, they know who to speak to), ensuring that Year 7 uphold the very highest standards of behaviour- so they have every opportunity to be the best version of themselves and have the best school experience that they can!

 We understand that moving to secondary school can be a really scary time, so to help new students settle in, we are providing a transition day, where all incoming students will come into school so they can feel familiar with the layout of the school and meet some of their new teachers.

Students who need an extra helping hand (i.e. those who are joining the school as individuals rather than members of a cohort) will experience enhanced transition days, this is an opportunity to come into the school outside of school hours to help establish friendships to help them settle into their first few weeks at school!

 We are there for every step of our students’ educational journey- so if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Transition 2024

Each student will be assigned to a form. They will meet with their Year 7 form tutor every morning for 30 minutes. If they have any problems or difficulties their form tutor will be their main point of contact and help. Your child will meet their new form tutor on ‘meet the tutor evening’. They will each receive a planner in which all the school rules and expectations are laid out. The planner also allows teachers to record positive stamps and negative comments/detentions where necessary.

There is also a small nurture group called ‘Acorns’ and we will work together with the primary schools to identify who might benefit from this additional support.

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