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We love to hear from our ex-students to find out what they have been doing since they left school – their careers, achievements and their tips for success. Below you can see profiles of just some of our alumni who attended York High School over the years.

Take a look and be inspired by their journeys! Just click on the person’s name and it will take you to their story.

If you would like to contact any of them to find out more or get some advice, please speak to Mrs Callan, Careers Lead.

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Amelia Headley

Office Administrator

Name: Amelia Headley Profession: Office Administrator Attended York High School: 2015-2020 Post-16 attended: York College...
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Vicky Milbourn

Civil Servant

Name: Vicky Milbourn Profession: Civil Servant working in the countryside stewardship at Rural Payments Agency...
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Thomas Smith


Name: Thomas Smith Profession: Groundskeeper at North of England Clay Target Centre Attended York High School: 2013...
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Leonie James

Animal Park Manager

Name: Leonie James Profession: Animal Park Manager Attended York High School: 2011 – 2016 Post-16...
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Katie Harrison

Teaching Assistant

Name: Katie Harrison Profession: Teaching Assistant Attended York High School: 2013 – 2018 Post-16 attended: I attended...
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James Walker

Deskside IT Specialist

Name: James Walker Profession: Deskside IT Specialist Attended York High School: 1998 – 2000  Post-16...
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Ellie Hufton

Physiotherapy student

Name: Ellie Hufton Profession: Physiotherapy student Attended York High School: 2015 – 2020 Post-16 attended:...
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Adam Cook

University Student, CPF Regional Ambassador

Name: Adam Cook Profession: University Student, CPF Regional Ambassador, Yorkshire and Humber Attended York High School: 2007 –...
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Matthew MacGregor

Senior Account Manager

Name: Matthew MacGregor Profession: Senior Account Manager Attended York High School: 1995 – 2000 Post-16...
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Matthew Chapman

Business Improvement District CEO

Name: Matthew Chapman Profession: Business Improvement District CEO Attended York High School: 1995 – 2000...
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Elle Thoroughgood


Name: Elle Thoroughgood Profession: Nurse Attended York High School: 2012 – 2016 Post-16 attended: York...
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Beckie Greig

Dry cleaning mobile manager

Name: Beckie Greig Profession: Dry cleaning mobile manager Attended York High School: 1998-2002 Post-16 attended: Princes Trust courses and E2E...
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Aaron Ridsdel

Hotel Manager

Name: Aaron Ridsdel Profession: Hotel Manager Attended York High School: 2013-2018 Post-16 attended: York College – Travel and...
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Beth Johnson

PE Teacher

Name: Beth Johnson Profession: PE Teacher Attended York High School: 2009 – 2014 Post-16 attended: York...
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Joe Fillingham

Civil Servant – Assistant Director

Name: Joe Fillingham Profession: Civil Servant – Assistant Director Attended York High School: 2005 – 2010...
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Amanda Paul

Physics student, data science intern

Name: Amanda Paul Profession: Physics student, data science intern Attended York High School: 2013 –...
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