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Beckie Greig

Dry cleaning mobile manager

Name: Beckie Greig

Profession: Dry cleaning mobile manager

Attended York High School: 1998-2002

Post-16 attended: Princes Trust courses and E2E skill building

University or college? N/A

Favourite subject at school: History

What I thought I wanted to do: Hairdressing 

What I ended up doing: I’m now part of the area team for Timpson, working with Johnson’s dry cleaning.

How I got here: I started with 16 hours a week, going full time after 2 years. I then worked my way up to assistant manager. After another 2 years, I went on to be branch manager. Six years later I was asked by the area manager to apply for a role on the area team. I was so nervous in my interview that I thought I wasn’t getting the job, but, to my surprise I got it and I have been doing this for a year now.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: “Great service by great people” is the motto for Timpson’s, we only look for a great personality.

Top tip! GO FOR IT!  Because why not?

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