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Adam Cook

University Student, CPF Regional Ambassador

Name: Adam Cook

Profession: University Student, CPF Regional Ambassador, Yorkshire and Humber

Attended York High School: 2007 – 2011

Post-16 attended: York College

University or college? University of Leeds

Favourite subject at school: History

What I thought I wanted to do: Police Officer – but ultimately, something that makes a difference in people’s lives.

 What I ended up doing: I am a Student at the University of Leeds, doing politics, I am also the Conservative Policy Forum (internal think tank) Regional Ambassador for the Yorkshire and Humber region as well as Deputy Chairman of the City of Leeds Association. All of this was after working in the NHS for five years including in ICU, Renal transplant and Covid Positive ward.

How I got here: After working in the NHS for 5 years, during the pandemic in 2020 I knew working as a Clinical support worker was not where I wanted my career to go. In which I applied to return to university as a mature student and also took an active role in leading and creating a CPF group in Leeds before working with the national leadership to become Regional Ambassador. As I wanted to have influence over policy.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Understanding other points of view and working within a team. As Ambassador I have to work with associations of different membership sizes and wants and understand what they would want out of a CPF group in their area.

Top tip! Life doesn’t always go to plan, but if you have the drive to get a job or career you want, go for it! Find out what you need to do to get to it and do it. Doesn’t matter if you are alone in going for it.

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