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Vicky Milbourn

Civil Servant

Name: Vicky Milbourn

Profession: Civil Servant working in the countryside stewardship at Rural Payments Agency

Attended York High School: 1998 – 2002

Post-16 attended: N/A

University or college? N/A

Favourite subject at school: English and Art

What I thought I wanted to do: I wanted to be an Art or English teacher. 

 What I ended up doing: I worked in various retail positions: as well as doing cafe work and cleaning. 

I now work as an Administration Officer at the RPA. I work with a number of different schemes which provide rural payments and grants, helping the agriculture industry in the UK to help improve and look after the environment. Alongside this, I’ve been given the opportunity to do an Apprenticeship to gain a better understanding of my job and develop my learning. 

How I got here: I applied for this job via the site. As this was in lock down I did my interview online. I had to answer questions in a video to submit along side my CV. 

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Willing to learn and develop yourself as well as taking on new challenges.

Top tip! Don’t feel too downhearted if you don’t get what you want in life straight away, you have a long life ahead of you, enjoy it, learn from your challenges, celebrate your victories and treat others with kindness and respect. 

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