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Matthew Chapman

Business Improvement District CEO

Name: Matthew Chapman

Profession: Business Improvement District CEO

Attended York High School: 1995 – 2000

Post-16 attended: York College

University or college? N/A

Favourite subject at school: Geography or PE

What I thought I wanted to do: Really wasn’t sure but was encouraged to ‘get a trade behind me’

 What I ended up doing: Apprentice bricklayer – bricklayer – school site manager – MAT operations manager – Business Improvement District manager

How I got here: Winging it! …..or being committed, motivated, thinking outside the box and generally been passionate about what you do.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Communication and been a people personal

Top tip! Say yes and work out how you’ll do it later! Life is a journey not a destination.

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