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Beth Johnson

PE Teacher

Name: Beth Johnson

Profession: PE Teacher

Attended York High School2009 – 2014

Post-16 attended: York College

University or college? York St John University for my undergraduate degree and then Sheffield Hallam University for my PGCE.

Favourite subject at school: My favourite subjects at school were PE, Food Tech and English.

What I thought I wanted to do: I always knew I wanted to be a PE teacher

What I ended up doing: I was successful in getting a teaching role

How I got here: I knew I wanted to be a PE teacher therefore knew what GCSEs and qualifications I needed to take in order to get there. This was aided by support of my PE teachers as well as HOY and other subject teachers. I went to college straight from school, then completed by undergrad after college. I took a gap year between my undergrad and PGCE before landing a teaching post.

Most useful skill or character trait for my job: Respect and resilience!

Top tip! Take advantage of the support and opportunities that YHS provides. I did and it allowed me to embark on my dream job! I was given experiences that I wouldn’t have received elsewhere that gave me insight as to what my career could be like. I truly believe that without this, I wouldn’t have been successful in becoming a  teacher.

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