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Rod Sims - "Whats happening at YHS"

Welcome to our website, here you will find updates from Rod Sims about the last week, and the week ahead.

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  • Weekly Round-up 28/09/18

    Published 01/10/18


    WEEK 4:

    We finish the week with some late summer sunshine which is most welcome.

    It has been a big week of staff training this week with all teachers involved in Iris training which is a video coaching device that will allow staff to develop their skills in questioning, promoting independent thinking and higher challenge in lessons.  On Thursday all staff spent two hours working on consistency in using the positive behaviour system. 

    Lydia Cooper, who is the member of staff leading on Pixl Edge, sent the following piece to be included in the weekly bulletin:

    There was a PiXL Edge assembly this morning to launch the programme with Year 7.  Six of our Year 9 PiXL Edge Apprentices spoke to the Year 7’s about their experiences.  Josh G, Georgia L-B, Denise H-S, Oscar D, Beth D and Connor S all spoke confidently to the Year 7 students about the activities they had completed and the skills they had gained from completing the programme.  The Year 9 Apprentices certainly showed how their confidence had grown from being part of PiXL Edge and shared how their accreditation will benefit their future studies and employment opportunities.

    Year 7 parents keep an eye out for the letters coming home which will explain Pixl Edge in greater detail and the opportunities that it offers.

    We are starting to see some clear results from the new behavior system, punctuality is a really good example.  The amount of students late to school has reduced by 75% in comparison to last year.  This time last year groups of students were still routinely 10 minutes late to the lesson not only missing 10 minutes out of every 60 of their learning but disrupting the learning of those who were on time.  This was despite numerous staff encouraging them to do the right thing.  Over a 25 lesson week this is the same as three hours extra learning that the students are accessing.

    We do not think that we have got everything right and as already mentioned we are working on consistency.   I would encourage anybody with questions to e mail me directly on  All through this process we have encouraged collaboration so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    This was a great week to be Head of School at York High School. I am very proud of the students and staff at the school.  We are at a crucial turning point for the future of the school and everything at the moment is taking a positive upturn.  I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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  • Weekly Round-up 21/09/18

    Published 24/09/18


    WEEK 3 

    As Head of School I receive many communications about our students, and it was with real pride that I received the following e mails from PE teachers at Barlby High and Fulford.

    From Barlby High:  I am writing to thank you for the behaviour of the staff and boys involved in yesterday's U14 match against Barlby High. The conduct of your students was exemplary.  They were very polite when I spoke to them.  All in all it made for a good competitive match played in the right spirit.

    From Fulford:  I just wanted to drop you an email to say how impressed I was with your Y7 boy’s attitude during the football match last night.  Your captain and the boy in midfield who later went in goal were outstanding in terms of attitude and should be commended.


    The students from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park trip have just returned safely.  I hope that they have remained mostly dry!


    Thank you to the parents who gave up their time on Tuesday evening to come to the presentation on Positive Behaviour.   Not everyone agreed with all of the policy but it was really enjoyable just to sit down and discuss all of the improvements we are making at York High this year with people who are committed to supporting the school.


    Enjoy your weekend!


    Rod Sims





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  • Weekly Round-up 07/09/18

    Published 07/09/18


    First week back is always a mixture of feelings for the different parts of our school community.

    • Parents are often delighted that the kids are back at school to ease the pressures emotionally and the real financial cost of childcare during the seemingly endless summer holiday
    • Teachers are a mix of enthusiasm and not quite believing that the holidays have gone so quickly.
    • Our students are as always a mix of those who wish the holidays would never end and those who are secretly glad to be back.

    Myself, I am delighted that we are back as this is undoubtedly the most exciting start to a year that I have had at York High School.

    The new Positive Behaviour system is already showing a marked difference to the overall behaviour in the school. The majority of our students have fully understood the system and are working hard in their lessons. There are some students who are struggling to accept the new standards of behaviour, however York High School is now a school that is designed for the quiet and purposeful 90% of students who want to do well. Please take a moment to read the information on the link below about why we will not compromise on our standards after consulting with parents, students and teachers last year.

    All of the changes are designed for our students to maximise their potential.

    Positive Behaviour at YHS

    Year 7 have started brilliantly this week from the first assembly onwards they have been truly impressive.

    14 new teachers have started this week as part of our drive for improvement and they have brought a new enthusiasm to the corridors of York High School.

    I look forward to keeping you up to date with the improvements throughout the year.

    School photos will be taking place on Tuesday, just in case you are wondering why particular care is been taken when getting ready on Tuesday morning!

    Have a good weekend

    Rod Sims


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  • Weekly Round-up 20/07/18

    Published 20/07/18


    Final Week


    What a fabulous final week!  The atmosphere at the sports days for Years 7, 8 and 9 matched the weather.  The events were brilliantly organised by Mrs Haldenby and the PE team.  Aspire week has meant that the Year 10 students have had opportunities to gain advice from over 16 further education establishments and over 30 different businesses.


    Today we have had awards assemblies for all years where every teacher nominates the three students that have shown outstanding effort, the most improvement and the best in class award that goes to the students who are a pleasure to teach.  Over a 100 students in each year were recognised.


    We come to the end of the year, my first year as Head of School.  As always it has been up and down.  The fact that we have become a name to be feared on the debate circuit was a pleasant surprise, the numbers of current and past students attending Pride was a real highlight and our continuing work with the Royal Shakespeare Company has been fabulous, look out for YHS on Look North tonight.  The lows have been the Beast from the East and the ongoing cuts to the budget whilst trying to improve the school.  I would also like to take a moment to say that all our thoughts are with Ryan Miller and his family and we wish him a full recovery.


    I have not regretted becoming the Head of School, well not for long!  I would like to thank all of the parents who have been so supportive across the year, as I always say if you have a problem pick up the phone.  I would also like to thank the students who have worked hard and done the right thing this year.  Your good choices this year will pay off next year.  Most of all I would like to thank the staff who have worked so hard on behalf of the students.


    I believe that at the end of this year York High School is in a fantastic position to improve.  We have worked tirelessly this year to recruit the most talented group of teachers ever at York High School.  1 in 3 of our Teachers next year will be new which will bring a dynamism and energy to the school as we seek to get better year after year.  The new Positive Behaviour policy will make a huge difference in the classroom and to students progress.  I will enjoy the holiday but I cannot wait until September. 


    Thank you to everyone who has supported the school this year.


    See you in September.

    Rod Sims

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  • Weekly Round-up 13/07/18

    Published 13/07/18


    I am sat at my desk waiting for the return of over 400 students from Flamingo Land.  I hope that they have had a fantastic day.  It has certainly been a very quiet in school today! Thank you to all members of staff who have accompanied the students today. 

    Congratulations to all the students who took part in the Blue Skies graduation ceremony Mrs Mackay was thrilled with the confident way our students were able to speak at the presentation.

    Plans are all in place for Year 10 Aspire week.  Our students will be able to access careers advice from over 50 different business organisations as well as exploring what careers they are suited to.

    Watch out next week for the final set of reports that are on their way home.

    Year 7, 8 and 9 will be taking competing in their Sports Activity Days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Also keep an eye out next week for information on the way that we are going to change the way we deal with behaviour next year.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Rod Sims


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  • Weekly Round-up 06/07/18

    Published 06/07/18


    First of all I must apologise as I always approach Prom in a slightly miserable way as for me it is a 17 hour day!  However this only lasts for the first few minutes as you see how excited and thrilled the students are from the moment that they arrive to when they leave.  It was a fantastic night and a special thank you from me to all on the prom committee and Ms Evans who organised a brilliant night.  Also a thank you to the staff at the Marriott who organised a great event, especially ex pupils Katy Bailey and Jarrod Smith who were working that night.

    The next thing for Year 11 is results day on the 23rd August starting at 9 am. 

    If you are unable to collect your exam results in person on the date shown, they will be posted to your home address later that same day. However, if you would like someone to collect them on your behalf you must provide a letter written from yourself giving permission and name the person who will be collecting your results on the day. This letter must be received into school, addressed to Mrs Arundel by Thursday 19 July at the latest.

    Year 10 have been brilliant today with the Royal Shakespeare Macbeth day.  Students have worked really hard and have produced some brilliant work.

    One of my favourite days of the year is when the Year 6 have their first day at York High School.  After seeing the fabulous Westfield show on Tuesday night, great performances from all.  It was a joy to see all the future Year 7’s in school on Wednesday.  Welcome to York High School I hope that you are proud of your school and that you will stay proud of your school for the rest of your lives.

    All this week we have introduced the new behaviour system to the students keep your eyes out for further information as to how we are moving the school forward next year.

    That’s all from me have a great weekend.

    Rod Sims

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