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Information on School Closure
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  • Weekly Round-Up - 5/4/2019

    Published 05/04/19

    Week 27


    Hope you have all had a good week.  Our Year 10 students were exceptional on the Green apples visit to York University.  This is to give a taste of what university is like for students who may be the first members of their family to go to university.  Reports for Years 7 to 10 will be sent out today and should be with you by Monday.

    Last week the students from the anime club had the annual Hanami picnic.  This year we tried onigiri (rice balls) and mochii! The picnic is to celebrate the transient beauty of the Cherry Blossom although when the Cherry tree blossomed this year it was far too cold for a picnic.

    To look out for next week!

    On Wednesday and Thursday, we will be hosting 40 Dutch students who will be partaking in a variety of activities with our students.  School will finish at the normal time next Friday and before anyone says we always finish early at Easter we have only ever finished early at Christmas and when we break up for Summer.

    Enjoy the weekend

    Rod Sims


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  • Green Apples Residential

    Published 29/03/19

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  • Competitions

    Published 22/03/19

    Some exciting competitions in History and Art! Make sure you enter!


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  • Staying Safe

    Published 13/03/19
    Dear Parents/Carers,
    Further to information published in the York Evening Press and circulated on social media regarding children being approached by strangers. Pupils will be reminded of ways to stay safe during form time tomorrow. These will include:
    1. Walking to and from school with friends, not on their own
    2. Ignoring anyone who approaches them, and walking to school/ home as quickly as possible
    3. Walking along their usual route and staying in well lit areas if it is dark
    4. Reporting anything suspicious to parents/school
    Please support these messages in your conversations at home and report anything suspicious to the police.
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  • National Apprenticeship Week!

    Published 05/03/19
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  • Mo Mo - Important

    Published 22/02/19

    Dear Parents and Carers, 
    Please be aware of an internet challenge that children are seeing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp and also on the game Minecraft. 
    The challenge is called Momo. It involves the appearance of a horror character on the screen. This character asks them to accept the challenge and says it will come and 'get them' during the night if they refuse. If they do accept the challenge it encourages self harm and eventually suicide. 
    This is something that all parents should be alert to. 
    J. Louth
    Assistant Headteacher - Care and Guidance

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