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Headteachers Headlines October 2016

Congratulations to everyone following a great start to the new school year. It is very obvious to me that the young people and staff are working harder than ever and the impact of this extra effort and positive approach is evident right across the school. It is hard to do justice to everything that is going on in school but I would like to highlight just a few:

  • The response to Show My Homework has been fantastic and it is good to see so many young people working hard out of school and handing in their work on time.
  • Less obvious to parents (but please look in your child’s books) has been the introduction of ‘check and improve time’ or CHIMP time. In this time during lessons pupils are responding to the feedback from teachers and are checking and improving their work. This work is done in purple pen so it is obvious to every one where improvement has been made. In the last few days I have been looking at a range of pupil’s books and is great to see the embedding of this approach and also the improved pride that pupils are taking in their work.
  • As a school we continue to recognize the positive efforts of our young people through a range of rewards including special events, post cards and phone calls home and through the new ‘Monopoly’ game that is used in tutor time where the pupils use their rewards to gain extra prizes. This has been a fantastic initiative and special thanks are due to Mr. Parker for all of his development work on this project.

As always there have been lots of other events and activities:

  • The Year 7 Equality and Diversity Day based on the values of the Paralympics was a great success with a visit from Paralympic gold medalist Liz Johnson. The day also featured on BBC Look North.
  • The uptake for after school clubs has been brilliant with the biggest numbers for many years taking part. Thanks are due to the PE team for giving up their time and they are being rewarded with some excellent results in our fixtures.
  • A group of 35 Year 10 and 11 students have just returned from our regular visit to the First World war Battlefields and the group were an absolute credit to our school. Thank you to everyone and especially Miss Hannam who organised the visit
  • Thank you to staff and pupils who helped out at our very successful Open Evening in September. The feedback from many of our visitors was that the young people who helped were excellent ambassadors for the team work and spirit of York High School. It has also been my pleasure to show round many prospective Year 7 pupils and their parents during the school day.

Finally congratulations to Mrs. Ralph, pupils and staff at Westfield Primary School on being chosen as the school of the year in the York Press Community Awards.

I hope everyone has a good half term and we will be open as usual on Monday 31st October.