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Y9 Holocaust Memorial Trip 2017

Y9 Holocaust Memorial Trip 2017

On the 1st of February, the RE department organized it’s annual trip for year 9 pupils to visit the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Nottingham. We went through a museum on site, looked around the memorial garden and heard the story of a Holocaust survivor. 

In the museum there was photographs of Jewish families, information of how the war started, Adolf Hitler, examples of Nazi propaganda, model layouts of the ghettos and concentration camps and memorials of people who helped families in the war.

The gardens contained plaques with messages about loved ones from the war. There was also a pile of stones which we placed more on to remember the children who died in the war.

We heard the firsthand story of Hanika Dye, a woman who was born during WW2 and was separated from her mother when she was only 10 days old. She told us the story of the struggles that she has had all of her life and told us about her family and how they protected her.

We learnt a lot of valuable lessons such as the fear Jewish people felt as they tried to survive and how much we should appreciate that we don’t live in a war struck country.

Written by Libby Taylor, Holly Skidmore and  Aimee Suter (shown above with Hanika, Holocaust Survivor)