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CYC - Admissions consultation 2019

Admissions consultation 2019

The annual admission arrangements consultation started on 16 October 2017 and is open until 1 December 2017. The consultation contains the admission policies, published admission numbers and related documents for schools in the City of York area that detail how admissions applications and decisions will be made for the 2019/20 academic year. 

Once again, all admissions authorities in York have agreed to undertake a joint exercise for the benefits of parents/carers, children and other residents, which include: 

  • The City of York Council on behalf of community and voluntary controlled schools.
  •  The governing boards of voluntary aided schools. 
  • The academy trusts of (single) academies. 
  • The trust board and local governing committees of MATs. 

During the consultation period, we will be sending each school's governing board/local governing committee a survey asking for governors' views on admission arrangements and published admission numbers, as well as any other comments that schools may wish to make regarding the admissions for 2019. The survey should be completed by each school once, following a discussion by governors, and can be accessed here.

We are also consulting with the residents and general public, but are especially seeking the views of parents/carers who have children who will start or change schools in September 2019. These views and comments can be submitted in a public-facing online survey, available at, by email to, or by post to School Services or any of the schools and academies that are jointly consulting. We request that all schools add this information into their school newsletters and other communication, so that potential consultees are made aware of this consultation.

The groups of children who will be considered under these policies include: 

  • Children born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015.
  • Children currently in Year 1 at an infant school. 
  • Children currently in Year 5 at a junior or primary school. 
  • Children currently in Year 10 at a secondary school who may want to continue into sixth form at a school. 

The consultation closes at midnight on Friday 1 December 2017. After consultation, all admission authorities will determine their admission arrangements by Friday 28 February 2018 in line with the  school admissions code. All draft policies and documents can be accessed online at and if governors or headteachers wish to discuss these arrangements, please do contact Tom Chamberlain in School Services on 01904 551554 to discuss further.