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Weekly Round-Up - 15/3/2019

Week 24

It was great to meet with Mrs Gomez this week from Westfield as we start to discuss transition.  Mr Louth and I are looking forward to meeting the Year 6 students after Easter.

We hosted on Thursday a group of visitors who are part of a project to make York more attractive for businesses to create more jobs.  Councilor Waller had insisted that to understand York’s Future the visitors should meet the future of York, our students.  All of the students involved were fantastic making sure that our visitors left with a clear understanding of what York needs!

Today 46 of our students are at the British Gymnastics Championships with Mrs Evans and Miss Gordon.  It looks from the photos that I have seen that it is a fantastic day.

We have raised £564.86 for Comic relief with our non-uniform day.

Lastly, well done to Year 11 who are finishing today the second round of practice exams.  Their attitude has been superb throughout.

Have a great weekend

Rod Sims