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Hope you are all having a good Friday,  It feels at the end of this week that we are well and truly back in the routine of school.  I am sure in that homes all across the West of York you are sharing the same feeling!

I have had the privilege to observe more lessons than ever before and there are some fabulous things happening in the classrooms.  My favourite this week was a year 7 science lesson to look at onion cells through a microscope, not that exciting you may think but the way it was delivered by Mr Longbottom (new assistant subject leader for science) made me disappointed that there was not a microscope for me!


We held a non-uniform day in the summer to support Team Rough who were running in the Great North Run to raise money for a charity called Compassion.  The charity sponsors children in poverty to achieve a better life.

I am sure we are all aware that Team Rough have had a very difficult year however, they have raised over £5000 which will sponsor two Ugandan children at £25 per month for the next ten years. The YHS community can be very proud of the part it played in raising £552 for the cause.

The picture below shows Jack and Mollie our Head Boy and Girl handing over the cheque to members of Team Rough.  In the future, we need one of the big cheques!

Next week along with all schools in York we will be holding a non-uniform day on Friday for the Breck foundation who campaign to keep children safe online ( this will follow up the presentations to our Year 9 on Wednesday. 


As ever, have a great weekend

Rod Sims, YHS



Wednesday 27th September

  • Year 9 presentations on staying safe online from the Breck Foundation

Wednesday 27th September

  • GCSE expectations for Year 10 and 11 parents (6pm)

Friday 29th September

  • Non-uniform day.  Students to bring a pound for the Breck foundation)