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We are now six weeks into term and still two more to go till half term.

It was a sad start to the week as one of the unsung stars of YHS, Anne Stephenson, left after 17 years of service to Oakland's and YHS.

We are lucky to have a fantastic team of support staff who make an invaluable contribution to the school, and will miss Anne. We wish her well in the future.


Congratulations to the 30 Year 7 who are at York races today on a reward visit.

Good luck to anyone else at the races today.


Some more fantastic tales from the open mornings.  Thanks to the mum who brought in a bunch of flowers for her guide on open evening, what a lovely gesture.

For me there was a wonderful moment, when after showing one year 6 round and calling him Joseph I was pleased as punch when he looked at me weighed me up and said Mr Sims you can call me Joe!


I mentioned last week attendance and punctuality and to improve both we are changing the priority order for dinners next week, now those with 100% punctuality and attendance this week will go into dinners first next week.


Thanks to everyone for your continued support, and students - let's keep working hard.


Have a smashing weekend

Rod Sims, YHS



Monday 16th October

  • Year 8 – Restart a Heart day

Tuesday 17th October

  • Year 11 - RS Mosque trip