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Honesty is one of core values at YHS and i have to say that this week has been tough.  Week 7 of 8 when it seems that every other school in the country is on holiday next week!

This week started off with the Year 8 ‘Restart a Heart Day’ where they had a fantastic morning learning about CPR and getting to practice their skills with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

We received an e mail on Thursday which typifies the qualities of York High students

'On Wednesday morning around 8:30am one of the cleaners from Energise fell over on Cornlands Road. Two girls from York High ran over to help her.  She is badly bruised but ok.' 

I would also like to take this opportunity to praise our junior sports leaders who work with the primary schools organising sports events.  San Dale and Camren Collinson are outstanding at this and are constantly praised by primary students and parents.  Well done boys!

On Tuesday morning 30 of our GCSE RS students visited York Mosque in Tang Hall. The building is very much a work in progress and Iman Abid Salik explained how it had grown over the last five years into a prayer space for 300 people as well as a centre for community gatherings and Islamic study.

Year 11 parents keep an eye out next week for the target grades that we are sending home.  These should arrive on Wednesday and are the estimated grades based on national predictions.

Some of you may have seen the discussion on facebook about respect detentions.  Can I make it clear that students who are placed in a respect detention for swearing, running and playfighting in the corridors should attend the detention.  If they try and go to dinner instead of attending the detention the cashless system will not work until the end of the detention.  No student is prevented from getting food at first break or after the detention has finished at lunchtime.  I believe that it is unfair on the 700+ students who do the right thing that others who have broken the rules and then chosen to not attend a detention get the same choice.  Firstly Inappropriate language is not acceptable, secondly dangerous behaviour is not acceptable and thirdly if you have broken the rules you should do the detention.

Enjoy the weekend

Rod Sims, YHS


Tuesday 24th October

  • Year 7 – Meet the Tutor Evening

Thursday 26th October

  • Year 10 & 11 –West Yorkshire Playhouse GCSE Drama trip
  • Year 7 – Halloween Disco – Tickets just 50p available from Pupil Reception

Friday 27th October

  • Training Day – school closed to students

Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November

  • Half Term– school closed to students